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Added June 15, 2005 to Bang Bus

Featuring Trinity

When will people learn that no matter what kind of shit Ugs gets himself into.. there is no defeating the man!!!! I mean c'mon.. the fucker got hit by a car a few weeks back right.. and PP thought he could take advantage of the medicated Ugly and challenged him to a drinking contest! Needless to say.. Ugs won and PP had to deal with us picking up the most ghetto fabulous broad we could get our hands on... And then there was Trinity....So what if the first glimpse of this dominican/rican broad was her sifting thru a pile of clothes on the curb... haha... and so what if she was so ghetto that even Ugs was taken aback! This chick had spunk and was perfect for the job! PP tried to make a run for it.. but instead chose to honor his wager to the Ugliest one of 'em all! After snoring thru Trin's hard knock life sobb story and passing by an ATM.. it was a wrap! PP was so mean to this chick.. when she got on her knees to give Presto a cock wash with her tongue... he had trouble getting hard! After we were cleared for lift off.. the blowjob turned out better than we all thought cuz Preston was willing to shove his dick in her tight hood rat pussy! This chick had a great ass... guess it's all that govt. cheese.... and watching her butt cheeks ripple with every thrust was great.... I knew the fucking would be up to par... Ho's are usually good at that.... after walloping her visage with a bucketful of cum.. it was rib time! So after asking Trinity to take out the trash for us.. we rode off into the sunset... luckily for us the rocks that were heaved towards us didn't break a tail light or a window.. HA! Let this be a lesson to all of you out there.. never think you can outdrink Ugs.... he practices at spermbanks for goodness sake... YOU DON'T WANT NONE! Enjoy.. The Dirty One....


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