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Tour d' Fuck

Added January 19, 2007 to Street Ranger

Featuring Lanah Layeau

Alright, I know i am not the best sportsman in the world, but at least i can do some outdoor sports and for what i remember when i was a kid, i could ride my bike with no problems. That is the reason why i listened to my doctor when he said: Hey why don't do some mountain biking out in the woods.. i tough hum m not a bad idea, but let me bring my camera just in case. I started pedaling through the trails. It was hard but i knew it was good exercising. I was doing good when Boom! all of the sudden i got knock the hell down. At first i didn't know what was going on but when i turned around i came to find out that the cause of my fall was this gorgeous babe on a mountain bike, just like myself biking in the woods. I quickly realized the opportunity i asked for her name and she said “Lanah”. I started to complain about my ankle and keep saying that i was hurt . The girl came down and was very attentive. I was like oh! i need help, please i am really hurt. I pretended i could hear somebody around us by the bushes and she help me look around, when i saw that it was a quiet place i made my move. I acted like i had hit my head o the fall and i couldn't control my impulses and i was like listen why don't we fuck and see if that makes me fell better. I was sure i was going to fuck this babe because she only hesitated a little, when she gave up she was really comfortable with my dick in her mouth. I did everything to this chick. On the grass, with her on top.. Yeah, this chick had it going on, we fucked so hard i felt i was doing a tour .. but in this case it was a “Tour d' Fuck” (Laugh)... This babe has this sweet face, gorgeous tits and a nice pink pussy that drove me to one awesome finish on her tits. I think the doctor was right. Exercise is good for your body and mind...Yeah this was a great workout. Just click and find out how good sex in the outdoor really is.


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