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Serenity Now!

Added August 10, 2005 to Bang Bus

Featuring Allexa

It's been a good while since we've pulled a reverse Bang Bus.. so I decided to go ahead and make it happen one mo' gain! You know alot of people think it's taking the easy way out by doing this.. but let's see any of YOU guys convince some chick to fuck some random guy off the street! OK.. so maybe it was Alexa.. the last chick that Ugs ditched me for.. remember? Well.. I had my own idea... anyways... so yeah.. Alexa came back with Ugs to make shit happen! So on our travels, we meet Tyler as he's searching for a VCR on the top of his father's office building... you read that right... I wanted to leave this nutjob alone.. but the peanut gallery wanted me to persist.. so that I did! I'm burning eternally for this... so WORSHIP ME! Tyler's antics were a bit too much for even me... and after finding out that he needed a ride to pick up his meds ( mental anyone?) I knew this was my chance to ditch 'em.. imagine that.. he didn't even suck on Alexa's natural round tits.... so yeah.. .as soon as we got to the pharmacy... Tyler walks in and Bobby walks out... well Alexa made it a point for me to get him.. so I obliged the broad... Bobby's my kind of guy... even with a wife.. he still can appreciate a nice piece of strange pussy dangled in his face to fuck.. free of charge! WE WERE OFF! Alexa took control of the situation from the get and began bossing Bobby around like a bitch.. and loved it! I failed to mention the juicy round bubble butt that Alexa drags behind her..what an ass!!! The messy oral blowjob deed was done.. so that left the fuck filmage... You know it's a good film when the chick feels the need to grab the seat belts and used them for leverage as she rides a big fat cock and creams all over it! and this is just the first position! After the cum was evacuated from Bobby's balls... it was time for revenge... or should i say .. ."Vengeance is Mine".... Ugly's hungy ass got what he deserved at the end of this one ... and if you're reading this now.. FUCK YOU UGS! HAHAHA.. Tune in and see what I'm talking about ya'll.. Enjoy! The Dirty One...


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