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Room Service

Added October 27, 2006 to Street Ranger

Featuring Tiffany Price

Check this out.. No one can make a pick up faster than The Wheeler, it is a fact.... I get this lucky handouts I thing is my fucking destiny , I am going to be the guy who fucks all the random girls in Miami, that will be my legacy to the world but anyways, I was relaxing, minding my own bussines,all relax in my hotel room until someone knocks the door and for my surprize it was the maid, but not a regular maid.. Nooo this chick was super hot!!. I mean, a model type with fake boobs and all.. Just imagine my face when I open the door and I see this beauty ready for me on a silver plater, and I knew the minute I saw the maid something inside said to me here it is J take this girl and show her how you do things, give her some fucking, and best of all make her clean your room..Thats what I call great room service. My dick was hard since she walked inside the room, all I had to do was being the charming guy I am and that was it, no presure just a little talk, drop some game, you know tell her everything she wants to hear, I told this girl that she is gorgeous, and she really is! she said she needed xtra money, that she is going to school and she needs to have that shitty job to pay for her things, I told her I could help, I also told her how I could help her pussy to be stuffed with the meanest cock in town.. a good formal presentation in the matter of minutes the girl was on my bed showing me those tits, I then proceded to finger that pussy, a very attractive pussy I might say she then just wanted to taste my dick and I just wanted to keep playing with those amazing tits, you know give her a good rubbing, just enough. This babe keep sucking and pulling on my balls, licking them too, I started by fucking her misionary style, aking sure I could see that beautiful face, ohh my god how pretty this chick is, stuning. well, there was some good fucking she love all that juice that I served and then she cleaned my room...What?.. thats her job, isn't it? when I think about it I didn't wanted to get up that morning I was just there being lazy, and bam here we go I get to fuck the hotest maid in south beach, what a lucky bastard. check this one out, you'll love it.


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