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Added January 25, 2006 to Bang Bus

Featuring Lacie

You I've really had a hard time coping with my job... I mean... ever since that Indian broad a few weeks back... I've really started to question my practices... and the repercussions they might bring... the whole karma thing...more on that in a sec... so yeah.. Ugs and I were spending obscene amounts of cash on petro for the war wagon when Lacie rolled up on us asking for a ride back to her car... apparently the shit got stuck somewhere on I-95... a glimmer in Ugly's eyes let me know the gameplan... so we take her back to where her supposed automobile was and to no one's surprise.. the shit wasn't there... Luckily for all parties involved.. we had a plan X... I figured we help Lacie out in her time of turmoil.. and offer her some cash money to take out her car from wherever the shit was impounded... My boy Brian was along for the ride... so in a matter of moments... we had a classic Bang Bus in the making! Lemme tell ya my loyal fans... this chick has some great natural perky tits... complimented with a juicy round ass.... sheesh... back to the karma thing.... I had my moments of guilt.. but quickly came to my senses once the cocksucking blowjob action got intense... I realized that I am the karma that comes back to these unsuspecting broads... god knows what they've done to get thrust into my path! Dirty the Destroyer!!! Brian did a fine job of fucking Lacie to bits... sex was good... and we had another classic dropoff! I tell ya... it's good to do the work of revenge..... hahahahaa... I run this web shit! The Dirty One....


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