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Added October 25, 2006 to Bang Bus

Featuring Isabell

Last week we picked up this Hialeah Hood Girl named Isabell. It started like any regular bus. You know how we do it; we comb the streets looking for the best street pussy around! So ya, we find this chick. She's a little hottie. She has a nice ass, sweet tits, and a cute little face. Oh ya, she was giving away two kittens! So I'm giving this girl my usual let me interview you crap. She's giving me the old can you take my smelly kittens off my hands because I don't want them anymore routine. Where both trying to pitch an idea to each other. It got a bit confusing. I decided to tell her that I'd buy the kittens off her. That's when her eye's lit up. She was all ears when she heard about the money. I'm guessing that guy's in Hialeah aren't that generous. The girls in that hood probably get bitch slapped constantly. Anyway, so I told her that I'd give her additional money if she would let me ask her a few questions about her. Two minutes later she was in the van. Like my boy Jmac says, "GOT UM!" So we learned about her boring life a little and then I started hitting her up with the real questions: How longs it been? You got a boyfriend? Can my white boy friend here perform anal on you in three different positions? You know, the usual. So she volunteered that she had never been with a white boy before. I would tell you who the guy was but I've forgotten his name at the moment. He did a good job. He fucked her so good she was screaming all kinds of Cuban shit. By the way this girl was Cuban. So ya she really enjoyed it. She give good head too. I told AL-B that right after they came on her to take the box that the cats came in and pretend like he threw the cats away in the everglades. You should have seen this girl jump out of the van to save the cats. Before she realized that the cats were in the van she was already eating our dust. Another helpless Hialeah Chick in the bag! DO UM DIRT!


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