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Added July 20, 2005 to Bang Bus

Featuring Alice, Lil Diva

What the fuck have things come to as of late? I mean shit, I think us Bang Bros. need to look into some AA meetings... because this shit is getting out of hand! Check the scenario... After a night of wild drinking and partying.. this guy named Cliff that I supposedly know from some point in my past was next to me driving the Bang Bus.. how strange was that? I then proceeded to give Ugs a call to see where the fuck he was and he tells me he fell asleep somewhere on the beach and for us to go pick him up.... well my fine feathered friends.. this is where the plot thickens.... upon arrival, I see that Ugly is hanging out with a real live dwarf... a fucking DWARF! I know.. bugged me out too... but god-damn it all to fiery hell if this chick wasn't looking right! Lil' Diva's huge round ass had me turned on... which isn't creepy.. is it? Anyways.. Lil Diva made a fine addition to our crew ... so we were off! After turning and twisting thru downtown Miami.. we came across the sexy Alice... this german honey dip was backpacking thru the U.S. and was searching for a way to get to South Beach.. muahahahaha.... my specialty! I thought it was just perfect for us to roll with Alice... being that she's from Munich, Germany... "where the beer is from" as Alive put it.... so we were off! Diva did a fine job of getting Alice to get comfortable in the cauldron of debauchery.... I love this chick! So yeah, after briefly discussing how progressive these euros are.. it was time to get down to it... Having Diva and Alice strip down before our eyes was fucking great! Nothing better than two pairs of great natural boobs and round butt cheeks jiggling the day away... but the real deal didn't have shit on these antics.. Alice's blowjobs were great to film.... nice and messy is how I like 'em... Then my boy Cliff went ahead and fucked the shieza out of Alice... dick to pussy action is always good.. no? YADA YADA YADA... we dropped her off in the outskirts of South Beach.. you know.. a good 20 miles away.. haha! What... you think because the broad is foreign she'd get pity.... have you forgotten about my euro adventures?!?!?! HAHAHA! The Dirty One...


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