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Added December 7, 2005 to Bang Bus

Featuring Ellia

Ahhh yes... welcome my loyal minions.. to yet another installment of the infamous Bang Bus! This week we come to you live from the 'hood... Ugs and I figured that the best place to search for some money hungy mami was here... I was all ready to pick up some mean gangsta bitch type... but was caught completely off guard by the likes of Ellia. This barely legal brunette was roaming the local shopping center when we caught up with her... Not to get controversial.. but she was one of I'd say 4 white people there... so I figured she HAD to be grimey... After flagging her down... we get to talking and find out that Ellia's sweet looks hide a sheltered vixen waiting to come out! Ok... maybe that's too much... but she definitely seemed like the type to jump on the first foreign dick in her path.... luckily for all of us.. Alex was riding along for just that..... what more can you ask from the guy... so yeah... after offering the unemployed Ellia the sum of $500 for our little "documentary"... we were off yet again... I decided to dig deep into this one's background....so after she tells me about her ultra-christian upbringing and her only having had sex with black men... I knew this one I HAD TO CONQUER! Apparently she wasn't into white dudes at all.. but luckily for us.. the color of green sees no boundaries! $1000 to fuck my boy Alex.... her first latin ever... and it was a wrap... After getting her down to her birthday suit.. I saw why black guys talk to Ellia... her juicy round bubble butt ass! IT'S HUGE! So after some good blowjob action... it was on to the fucking... nothing like a white girl with a big butt riding a latino cock for the first time boy.. I think we turned her! After it was all said and done... it was about that time.... so we drop her off in some random part of Miami... hey... the way I figured.. she'd feel right at home in any ghetto.... haha... you know how the rest goes... enjoy this one fuckers.. it was fun... The Dirty One...


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