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Eat, Fuck and Run

Added February 2, 2007 to Street Ranger

Featuring Belle Bond

I have this thing about lonely women out in the street. Of course i do i am the "Street Ranger" or what i call myself sometimes. "The Captain", but that's another story. This one has a lot to do with our neighbors in Canada. I am walking down the street like i always do. The day is kind of cloudy and i happen to notice this sexy little thing looking at a store window. My ins tings tell me this could be my next entry on this list, so i decided to go ahead and ask this beautiful chick about her. The conversation was good, she is a sexy gal from Canada. I was like always playful and charming and so was she. She mentioned her name is "Bella" and invited me to have lunch. I gladly accepted and we decided to go to a place nearby for a quick lunch. It couldn't happen better, this girl went straight to my cock touching it and telling me how much she loves to get fuck. I suggested to go to the restaurant's restroom and we just leaved to the elevator in the restaurant, went to the third floor. We came to this rooftop where she striped my pants and gave me a well deserve desert..this babe the got naked to show me her fake, beautiful boobs and her lovely pussy. I had hold myself because once we started fucking all i wanted was to cum all over her sexy Canadian body. We finished a great fuck, went downstairs to the restaurant where we just run and didn't pay the bill (lol). It was really a fun day. Give it a check and taste yourselves this sweet maple Beauty..


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