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Added October 13, 2006 to Street Ranger

Featuring Vanessa

I don't pretend to understand my thought process, but I had the bright idea of trying to find a girl at a local mall. So I picked out a big store and acted like I worked there. When I asked Vanessa if I could help her, I think she was trying to brush me off. She said she just wanted to find the dressing room, but with a little small talk and excellent customer service skills, I gained her trust and escorted her to the dressing room, I was acting like I really worked there and that I would help her all the way. Vanessa had great tits and a plump ass on a short little body. She tried on a few out fits and I unloaded a shit load of compliments and hints, things that to her know my interest, and how I would like to help her...You all know what mean. All the compliments must have worked because the next thing I know, she had me helping her change, which I took as an opportunity to fondle. Now, maybe it's because she was on vacation, but Vanessa went ahead and took it a step further. She went ahead and gave me a blowjob right there in the dressing room. It was a great blow job, but I wanted more. I told her I would take my lunch break so we could take it even further. When we got to my car (my buddy's actually) she told me she didn't have time to go to her place, so we jumped in the back seat. It's a good thing she was such a small girl, because there wasn't very much room back there, but we managed. We fucked right there, i got this girl to do amzing things in the back of that aoutomobile, right there in the public parking garage in the back of my buddy's car...WAO! She was pretty nervous. She jumped up to check the windows every time she heard a noise, but that pussy was nice. I think she was latin too, well, I dont know. What I know is that i was supposed to give her a ride to a friend's house afterwards, but I found a way to ditch her in the end, I let her out the car an drove off.. Check out the movie. You won't find this kind of footage anywhere else..


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