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Crazy Hitchhiker girl

Added April 6, 2007 to Street Ranger

Featuring Marina Maywood

Man I tell you tha fucking craziest shit happens to me. Even when I'm not looking for pussy, it just comes to me. So I was driving to work the other day, and I really neede to take a piss, but I was still very far from work and I was on the highway. So like any man I pull over the side of the road to take a piss. I park my car, start walking down the grass to a secluded area when out of nowhere this crazy ass girl just shows up behind me saying "thank you, thank you for pulling over to give me a ride". I look at her like shes crazy, and tell her actually I'm here to take a piss, and I start walking away. Well she kept on walking next to me, telling me she desperately needed a ride. She just wouldn't stop bothering. Finally I told her let me take a piss first, she was like no. So I told her if she held my dick I would give her a ride. She grabs my cock, so I change it to if you suck on my dick I'll definitely give you a ride. She got down on her knees and started slobbering all over my cock. It was nice, all wet like that. This girl had a pretty amazing body too, I told her to take her clothes off so that I could look at her. Her tits were full and perky, no bra needed, they were pretty perfect. Her ass was pretty nice too. I bent her over the tree and we started fucking so hard that the branches were breaking off. She wanted to lay down on the grass, I fucked her like that too. Then when I was going to come she put her leg up on the tree like a little monkey and asked me to fuck her some more. I had a really amamzing time fucking like that on the side of the highway. Once we finished I asked her for her number, but she didn't want to give to me. So as I get in the car, she stumbles a bit, and I took this opportunity to drive off and leave her behind. It was fucking classic man!


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