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Surprise in the box

Added May 23, 2007 to Bang Bus

Featuring Alicia

Welcome back, peeps. Let me tell you, today we got a lot of shit going through our vehicle. I would say it was one of the most craziest Bang Bus episode ever. First I got my old friends visiting me from Iowa. Those boys I grow up with. It turned out that they were big fans of the Bang Bus and asked me if they can join me on my weekly routine. Of course I couldn't say "no". They are my friends. James got behind a wheel at it seemed like the Bang Bus was the first vehicle he ever drove. Stan wanted to take a look at the porn industry from inside and become a part of an empire at least for a little bit. So as we were all pretty much set with the roles we got on the road. First it took as a while to find a communicable girl. We found one but she preferred to take a local south beach bus instead of enjoying the ride on the bang bus. Whatever. Then we saw these fairy nice boys. They were so interested in getting inside. As well as inside of the bus. Well our third try didn't get quite far from the one I just told you about, because these chicks we picked up weren't really a chicks. We found out about it on the back seat when Stan was thinking about what position I should start his porn star career with. When shim pulled his appendix out I was shocked. Its not that I haven't seen transsexuals before, its just happened so unexpectedly. I know Stan for years but I never saw him being so shocked either. He announced that his porn star career is over. I had to find replacement for him and I did. Along with a new dude we found this hot Alicia, which happened to be a girl. This time everything went right. She got fucked hard. The drop off was classical. Check it out.


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