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Featuring Grace

I'm always talking about this trailer park that UG's and I used to hit up. It's full of trailer park chicks. They're all chain-smoking strippers. Well not all of them. The girl we met was. She didn't chain smoke but she was a stripper. I'll tell you what I remember about Grace. It was a cool, sunny afternoon. We wanted to score some pussy. By we, I mean Blumkin, Al-B, and myself. In the distance I spotted a skinny white girl. Her hair was blowing in the wind. The smell of anal was in the air. Her curvaceous ass giggled in the distance. She seemed easy going and easily led. Her eye's told me she lived a rough trailer park life. I asked her if she wanted to make some money talking to me for my documentary. She put up a little fight then hoped on. I was right. She was very outgoing and we learned a lot about life in the trailer park. We also learned a lot about how good she can suck a dick. She did suck a mean dick I'll tell you that much. She could ride a dick too. Like a pro despite being an amateur (Stripping doesn't count). Any who, so ya Blumkin hit it. All angles baby! I filmed it as usual, Al-B as usual almost killed us cause he kept looking back at the sex. WORTST DRIVER EVER! So ya, it was pretty cool. All in all one for the books. OH before i forget. We successfully pulled off and operation shine box (The bus went left, Blumkin ran right. We met up on the other side of the block). Funny thing is she left her shoes and purse in the car. That asphalt must have been burning as she walked all the way back to the trailer park (ten miles or so). Does the fact that I find this hilarious make me a bad person? -DIRT


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