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JT's Laundry Service

Added September 15, 2006 to Street Ranger

Featuring Lexi

I was trolling around Lincoln Road, looking for some cuties of course, when I spotted a girl with big tits pulling some luggage. I figured it was a good opportunity for me to help a woman in need, as I always do. I was on my way over to say hello, when I slammed into some other chick holding a coffee. This is how I met Lexi. Thank whoever that it was iced coffee, other wise her titties would have gotten all burned up, and that would have been a shame. So yeah, turns out that she was turning around at the same time that I was walking by, so she made it my fault that she had a freshly stained up shirt. Not to mention that she obviously got her coffee, excuse me, her "tri latte" to go, but didn't have a lid on her cup. I apologized right away, but there was no calming her down. She went on about how the shirt was new and expensive, and demanded that I wash it for her. I told her that I would just buy her a new one. So we go to a near by shop for a new one. Well the shop didn't have her shirt or any that she wanted, so I agreed to wash the damn thing. This was a good thing though. I had ventured out to find a girl, and now I was with one. Sure she was a little mad at me, and weird as hell, but I had the walk to her place to loosen her up, which I guess I did. She told me she had a boyfriend, but things with him were rocky, and he wouldn't be home for awhile. When we got to her building, she lead me to the alley and took off her shirt. I was shocked, but damn she had nice tits. They were perky as hell and natural. Lexi had one of those firm yet petite bodies. She was basically asking to suck my dick, so of course I obliged. I don't know what felt better, the blowjob, or the rush of getting one in an open alley full of windows. Then we both played with her pussy until I turned her ass around and fucked her right there in the alley. I love public sex. The only problem was that she couldn't get to crazy out there, so we decided to move it up to her apartment. When we got up there she went straight back to sucking my dick, followed by me fucking her all over the apartment. After I came all over her beautiful tits, Lexi told me that I should wash her shirt while she rinsed off in the shower, and then I had to go. What a bitch! So I got dressed, took her shirt, snuck out while she showered, and threw her fucking shirt in the bushes on my way out. I mean, I was thankful for the sex, but if your gonna kick me out; don't give me chores to do on the way out. Either way, the movie came out great. Check it out...


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